Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ministry of Information

I guess Big O has moved his media SWAT team into the White House.

This is a bit of a sticky wicket ... the White House should be able to defend itself.  It's one thing G.W. handled poorly, I think.

I completely disagree (and this is not the first place I've heard it) with the assertion that there's something wrong with Obama being overseas during local natural disasters. It is not the President's job to console disaster victims.   The president, except maybe in extreme cases like Katrina or a massive earthquake, should probably keep going about any larger scope business he's had planned.   If the issue is the double-standard, as Megan finally pushed Reagan into saying -- fine.  Good point, but make it at the beginning.  Carping about the same things THEY carp about makes you as bad as they are.  I hate it.  It needs to stop.

On the other hand, having an in-house, tax-payer funded arm of your .... let's face it, Presidential campaign ... I think there's a bit of a conflict of interest there.

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