Tuesday, May 31, 2011

FOIA Not for Skeptics

Heh.  From the Junk Science to the Washington Post via IceCap.

WashPost: Freedom of Information Act not for skeptics’ use
Junk Science responds to WAPO editorial

In a bizarre Memorial Day editorial, the Washington Post criticized climate skeptics for using the Freedom of Information Act to pry documents concerning Climategater Michael Mann from the University of Virginia.

The Post labeled the skeptics’ FOIA efforts as “harrassing” and “nuisance tactics.”

The Post, however, has been entirely silent on Greenpeace’s efforts to FOIA documents from the University of Virginia concerning Pat Michaels, University of Delaware concerning David Legates and from Harvard University concerning Willie Soon and Sallie Baliunas - efforts that are truly “harrassing” and “nuisance” in nature as Greenpeace acted entirely in retaliation to the FOIA request concerning Mann.

The editorial is especially gross coming on the day when America commemorates those who died to preserve everyone’s freedoms - not just those of the politically correct.

See post and be sure to read the comments.
I wonder where the Washington Post comes down on the harrassing lawsuits filed against Sarah Palin in Alaska, taking advantage of an unique Alaskan law that allowed it. 

On second thought... no, I really don't.

If you're at all interested in the skeptics' side of the AGW debate (you know, the one the warmists declared "over" years ago) and  IceCap isn't on at least your informal weekly list for you to hit and browse ... it should be.

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