Monday, May 16, 2011

The Making of America

Our local Tea Party group has been reading and discussing the Constitution .... as much and as far as we can get in an hour every two weeks in a session before our regular meetings.

I sadly missed, due to a family visit, the day long "The Making of America" seminar our Mid Missouri Fulton Chapter put on a few weeks ago.    I hear it was fantastic, and I'll "totally" go to one if we put one on again (which our group is now talking about doing)

But Fred brought the text book you can get for it to our last meeting, and it ... it's invaluable for any reading and discussion of the Constitution.  After brief biographies of many of the founders, and chapters covering some of the more influential founders and the history of the Revolution itself, each article, section, and amendment is written with contextual explanation to aid in discussion and understanding. (They sell it for $30, but you can get it for half that in orders of 10 or more for you groups out there, and you can often find it for $15-$17 on Amazon).   I cannot recommend it enough. I just bought a second copy to lend out.  And you can get a DVD of the seminar here. (To answer your question, no, I am not associated with CCS... I'm just impressed).

Seriously.  Get it for a reference book.   Tell some stories from it.  Leave it out for your kids to read.  It will balance out what they've likely been learning in school.

My big push in this Tea Party movement is to get educated and not only stop echoes, but to evangelize what a gift we've been given and to get people to realize that the basic questions of a free government have been answered ... if we as a people will only re-discover what is right in front of our noses.  This is the most important and useful thing we can do.  Remember the (perhaps bogus, but still prescient quote):
“The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president."
To be clear, this whole movement has very little to do with Obama, but with the mode of thought he represents which infects our society.   Education and advocacy are the antibiotics.

Get the people (or enough of them) thinking clearly again with the knowledge of the Constitution in its original intent (no, I don't mean form, I mean intent and contrary to popular belief there is plenty of contextual writing that makes it clear) and the rest will follow.  Elect a few sane politicians and they're gone in the next reactionary election.  It's We the People, not We the Politicians, and as much as it pains us, We the People have to pay attention and hold them accountable to The Framework.   It is only We the People who can change our representation in any meaningful, long-term way.  And only We the People can push the system back inside the proper framework.

Somewhere I have the fully agreed upon mission statement for our group, but this is basically what it is:
To promote the peaceful restoration America's focus on her Constitutionally Limited Government and the values that precipitated it through education, awareness, and advocacy.
Oh ... and if you're feeling flush, how about having a bunch of these around to give to anyone who seems the slightest bit interested?

Then maybe invite 'em over for beer, pizza, and that DVD.


Whitehawk said...

Ordered it through Amazon. How would you compare it to Original Intent?

nightfly said...

I have several copies of the thing - work, home, etc - just in case. But the two big ones are the Ninth and Tenth Amendments. I'd make every legislator on the federal level recite the blessed things in public once a week until it sank in.

philmon said...

This is more like a textbook with a very long and detailed reference wrt the Constitution itself.

The first 223 pages are a setup, the ideas and major players that led to the Constitution. From there, about 450 pages going step by step over the Constitution.

I think these are the same people who brought us the 5,000 Year Leap. I would say that Original Intent and the 5,000 Year Leap spend more time on the religious nature of our founders than does this book, though it goes over the same territory the 5,000 Year Leap does on how Jefferson, (you know, the Atheist/Deist hater of all things religious) found the model for our government in Genesis, with Moses in the Sinai, and again with the Anglo Saxons who had basically the same structure.

I'll have to look in to it more, but I had dismissed as pure conjecture the idea that the Anglo Saxons were in fact the decedents of one of the lost tribes of Israel... but this book, while not claiming that that is the case, nonetheless asserts that their origins were from the Black Sea area, so it wouldn't be out of the question.

nightfly said...

Ah. I thought that it was simply a copy of many of the foundational documents. Am brain work not good so much.