Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Giant Middle Finger to the MSM

I'm likin' what Sarah Palin is doing on this tour.   Keep the MSM back on their heels.  They don't know where she's going to be or when, so they are playing catch up trying to pre-frame and pre-digest it for their audience.

How are we going to tell people what to think if we don't know what we're reporting on?

They want to cover her to show us how unimportant and unpresidential she is, and she's just trotting around with her family to American Historical sites.

Who, me?  Run for president?

This could all be a giant fundraiser for candidates for the next election.  It's certainly a distraction from YAS-man Obama  ("Yet Another Speech") and from the brouhaha brewing in the GOP field.

It's certainly whipping up energy.

I really don't care at this point if she runs or not.  I'd take Michele any day.  And there are a few others that aren't bad.  Especially considering.

If people like Palin can continue to direct the conversation in the right direction ... away from "America Bad/One World Collectivist Citizenship Good" ... and focus on our history (good and bad) and the Constitution and what America IS, I'm all for it.

You go, Sarah!  Whatever you decide.

Keep pissin' off all the right people!

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