Monday, July 25, 2011

And the world did not end

Ah, the predictible snide comment from a self-congratulating acolite of the left, and dutifly "liked" and "me too-ed" by others in the herd.
"By the couples began marrying in New York this weekend, and just as in other states where same sex marriage is allowed, heterosexual marriages did not crumble. Shocking I know."
Obama, I believe, made a similar statement after Obamacare was signed.
Hey, I thought it would be cool if I ran a razor blade across the sidewall of your tire.  Just a gash, not all the way through.   And you, the fear-monger who likes the status-quo and hates "Change™" said "No way! That would weaken the tire and lead to a possible blowout!" But I did it anyway. And you drove it to work and back yesterday, and it didn't blow out.

What were you worried about????  Don't you feel silly now?????

In other news, California Schools to teach Gay History, and Polygamy gets its own reality show.   But don't worry.  The world didn't end.

The Overton Window just moved.

Update: here's a better one...

Hey, I sprayed termite pheremones around your house and in the crawlspace underneath last week.   Several winged reproductives just showed up, and  and your house didn't crumble.  What were you worried about?  Don't you feel silly now?


tim said...

My first inclination isn’t to respond to such infantile thumb sucking. But…that isn’t much fun…

I love people’s low standard for measuring the seriousness of things. I’d be curious to see if they could possible live up to their own logic just dealing with life’s challenges. I mean, how would they react when they get got cut off in traffic, have a huge challenge at work, experience some truly crappy customer service, their kids catch really good sickness, the power goes out, their car breaks down, someone steals their identity…their wife has an affair, divorces him and takes all his money…their country defaults and vital public services abruptly ends, interest rates shoot up to unimaginable rates, inflation jumps sky high such that a loaf of bread cost 10 bucks, unemployment hits 4 of every 10 Americans…Yeah, I’m sure they/they’d just say…”Well, the world didn’t end” Yup.

But their right, when the Iranians took over our embassy and held 52 Americans for 444, or the USS Cola was nearly sunk, or 3,000 lost their lives and the WTC can crumbling down…no, the world didn’t end.

Nor did it end when millions of Jews were slaughtered by Hitler, or when Pearl Harbor was bombed.

But it does seem to end when a few thousand Americans don’t have health insurance or when the evils of abortions are discussed or when a Republican starts a war or when three scumbag terrorists are waterboarded.

Or when Sarah Palin speaks, when a gun is sold, a oil well (in America) is drilled, somebody speaks their mind, tells the truth, and they don’t agree with them…the world is about to end.

Maybe we should just still be British subjects, own some slaves and dieing from a broken arm or the flu…women couldn’t vote…people where thrown in jail for speaking their minds…’cause hey, lets not get all uptight…the world didn’t end, relax.

Whitehawk said...

To take a pill from a bottle that is not "labeled" (history and all major religions label this bottle poison) and within a few moments say, "See, nothing to worry about," is the epitome of foolishness.

Not all poisons take affect instantaneously. Some cause long, slow, painful deaths.