Thursday, July 14, 2011

This is why we're screwed

Saw this ad this morning from the "Coalition to Protect America's Health Care"

An emotional outburst from people with an entitled mindset.  Like children throwing a tantrum with total disregard for their parents' finances.  Buncha whiney scolds.

Well, here's what Congress was thinking:

Spending is at roughly $3.4, $3.5 TRILLION dollars. We're spending 40 cents that we don't have out of every dollar.

We SHOULD, therefore, cut at least 40% out of our budget.   But let's say we just want to cut 20%, so we don't seem "radical" to the gimme bunch.  That would be $700 Billion.   Where are you going to get it?

Now consider that this is the budget for 2010.   Congress was planning on that $100 billion cut to be spread out over 10 years.   That's only $10 billion a year.   Not going to get us very far.

What was Congress thinking?  They were thinking we don't have the money! And frankly, they're being rather timid about it as it is.

If ads like this continue to work -- if Americans really remain in this mindset -- we're screwed. The MSM needs to tell the whole story.

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