Tuesday, July 26, 2011

From the 2009 Terrorism Report

From the National Counterterrorism Center.  Keep in mind, Obama administration, too.  So there's no "BushHalliburtonCheyneyHitler" fudging the numbers to make it "look bad".

But hey, there's no reason to believe there's any relationship between Sunni Islam and terrorism. No. Hmmm-mmm. And those Christians. The ones that are "just as dangerous" -- yeah.


tim said...

Why is it I just don’t trust this report regarding what constitutes “unknown” and “Christian”. Example, is the MUSLIM Army Cpt., who slaughtered 13 in Ft. Hood, motives still “unknown”. And the recent Norway kook is being labeled as “Christian” even though there is nothing to support it.

And how ‘bout that group of “Tribal/Clan/Ethnic”? Why do I get the feeling a whole bunch of that is Muslims?

Don’t trust this at all.

philmon said...

Oh, I know. These things are bound to arise, and I post this only because even and administration that supposedly doesn't have the alleged anti-Islamic bias and bends over backwards to give that impression publishes this report that shows that Islamic terrorism is just about double all the others combined.

This after my long argument with, by the end, one young recently graduated art school student, who has a very vexing idea of what constitutes bigotry.

Which will be the subject of the NEXT post :-)