Wednesday, July 27, 2011

There's a Plan, But There's No Plan, Even Though There's a Plan

I understand it's a GOP "talking point" that the president has no plan.  But that's crazy.  Of course he has a plan.  He keeps telling us he does, and talking about what it's gonna do.  Just no details on exactly what, and how the numbers will add up to cutting the deficit and not making the government bigger.  Sure he has one!  Just no actual paper or website or something he can hold up.  So shut up, you lying "talking point"-monger Faux News Liars!!!!!

The administration wants to not have a plan so that it can criticize and demonize anything the GOP does come up with (see Throw Grandma off the cliff commercial), while it hedges that it DOES have a plan scattered throughout papers in drawers of congressmens' offices, but yet if anybody finds one of those papers and says "hey, the President wants this. That's horrible" and tries any sort of PR campaign right back at them the administration can say "well that's not really a part of the plan". Yeah, must've grabbed the wrong piece of paper. I'm sure that's been revised on a piece of paper in ANOTHER congressman's drawer." Probably a Democrat. "Oh, look, here, see? It says 'scratch that'". So THERE! Stupid GOP.

It's the same thing they did with the Healthcare Bill. When it was criticized, there was no bill. When it was touted, why it was all layed out there but the GOP was holding the DEM supermajority back from passing it.

It's absolutely vexing, and they oughtta be called on it by the GOP and the media.


nightfly said...

We've gone from "We have to pass the bill to find out what's in it" to "We have to approve the plan before we even have one." The whole point isn't details or actions, it's Teh Won doing them.

Anonymous said...

This was the exact same strategy that got The Obama elected. Give something vague that sounds postitive. Hope. Change. Plan for Everyone. And as usual, Himself leaves the details as blanks into which his adoring fans fill whatever tripe they feel is socially hip.

This president is fabula rasa, baby.

Whitehawk said...

All I have to say is, "I don't care. Obama is awsome. Bush lied people died. etc..."

philmon said...

Amen from the Reverend Wright section! ;-)

jeffmon said...

Ryan budget, going nowhere in the Senate, Bam will veto. Boehner plan, going nowhere in the Senate, Bam will veto. Which is the party of NO?

philmon said...

Right on, brother, right on.