Friday, July 29, 2011

Maybe Fox News Does Lie After All

Now I don't say a news outlet is lying when one of their guest tells a whopper in an interview.  But the left does.  So, going by their rules ... I sure saw two bold faced ones by guest & "Democratic Strategist" Alexis McGill Johnson  this morning when she was asked if the big drop in Obama's approval ratings (on the economy) among African Americans.

She says the President will keep their support in the end - which ... going by history, she's probably right there ... but she says it's because 'the other side' is not going to provide any alternative to the African American community ... and Gretchen calls her on it.  "Why not?"

Note how she just stops, like "uh-oh", but she quickly catches herself and quickly goes to
"Because, I mean, you've got Michelle Bachmann signing slavery pledges, I mean, you know, come on.
Yeah.  Got that? She said Michele Bachmann signed a Slavery Pledge.  (More than one, apparently.) That's what Alexis comes up with for why she thinks the Republicans can't offer a viable alternative for them.  And it's a bold faced lie, and a campaign narrative. Yup, that's right folks, vote Democrat or Whitey McHatey Republican'll put you back in chains!  You know, I don't mind talking points if they're true.  But that one is a consciously malicious, libelous lie.
Then later in the video she says
"I think the history with the Republican Party has been so divisive with the African American community that it's not going to happen and if you think about the fact that in 33 states now, mostly led by Republican state legislators, there are 33 voter id laws.  That more than anything else is going to suppress the African American vote."
Do you really want to talk about the history of the Republican party with the African American community?  'Cause we can talk about that.  And when will the Democrats stop condescending to African Americans like they need to be hand-held and coddled through the reponsibilities of voting and nobody else does?  I'd be offended.

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