Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Again With the Sarah Bashing

Someone again brought up the "Urban Myth" of the Sarah Palin "Death Panel".


It's only an "Urban Myth" in that the words "death" and "panel" don't appear next to each other in the bill. Besides, Palin never said the bill created "death panels". She did suggest that such a thing would necessarily come into existence when you have a single payer in charge of deciding what's going to be paid for (and therefore what's going to happen) or not.

If you read Rham Emanuel's brother "Zeke's" writings, he talks of an almost mathematical system for calculating how much and what quality of life a person has left in them and whether it's worth it to keep that person alive. Guess who had a big hand in the push for this bill?

Now this bill doesn't go that far. It didn't get us to "single payer", or even to the public option -- not in writing anyway. But that is the ultimate goal, and if you doubt it, check out the quotes listed here.

or this:

(which he of course claimed he wasn't for while he was pushing for this bill, and was able to scoff at people who said that's where this was leading because ... no, it's not in the bill) But there are huge blank sections of the bill to be filled in later by unelected bureaucrats and regulators, and as I said, this is their goal, no questions about it. How to get it by a reluctant congress? Have them pass a bill that doesn't have it in there, and just write it in later - because the bill says that this and/or that will be written in by the head of the department of such and such.

And even if it's not written in.... what is going to happen?

It is designed specifically with an eye toward killing of health insurance companies over time.

No, really. I'm not bullsh*itting:

"This is a fight about a strategy for getting there, and I BELIEVE WE *WILL*". Hear that?

The ones that survive will be mere marionettes with their strings being pulled by the same government bureaucrats, private in name only. Sort of like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, only for insurance. Bureaucrats will call the shots, and when policies fail, the "private" owners will be blamed. All of the authority, none of the responsibility. Not a recipe for success. For those who know their history -- that is what real fascism looks like. No, the word "fascism" doesn't appear in the bill.

But a rose, by any other name, or even no name at all, is still a rose. Same with a pile of dog cr*p.

Once you have a single payer system controlled by the government, there will be bureaucrats who will get to decide who is worth paying for and who isn't. I don't care what you call it, it will happen.

Palin called them "death panels".

She was absolutely right, just like she was absolutely right about most of the things the media said she got wrong. She doesn't say things in soaring, airy ways. She says things like she see's 'em. And she's got a lot of sense. This is why so many of us liked her, and still like her. Obama can give all the soaring hot air speeches he wants. All it does is provide cover for the bullsh*t "Fundamental Transformation" of the country which is his STATED, and REAL agenda.

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These are the same people who spout off about “assault weapons”. But when challenged to specify what exactly constitutes one…(*crickets*)…they just know they’re evil and must be outlawed…’cause…