Friday, November 16, 2012


Rosie on the Right asks: "General Patraeus to testify he misled American people. The question is why?"

To which, says I,

That has always been the ultimate question. To all the diversions about how big a deal an attack on an embassy was or wasn't, the question for me was always, why the false narrative? 
You don't put up a false narrative unless you're trying to hide something. 
So what is it?

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Whitehawk said...

I realize this is very conspiracy theory-ish... I have my tin foil hat on.

My wife and I have separately come to the same suspicion. If you are aware of the story of King David's dealing with Uriah (Bathsheba's first husband) you will note the similarities to Benghazi's Embassy staff. Set them up for a fight them leave him high and dry to be killed by the enemy.

Was there a Uriah in Benghazi? Who was it?