Saturday, November 24, 2012

Two Visions

Let's get to work on these movies and TV shows, Conservative Hollywood, singers, and songwriters. Bill Whittle:
"You have to ask yourself what the two messages are."
"Our message as conservatives is we are steely eyed missile men with our eyes on a far horizon. We have nuclear powered cars that can do 400mph. We believe in hot women and guns and things that go "boom!". We have a military that can vaporize any place on the earth in 20 minutes and not cost us anything but money. We're the proud inheriters of a brilliant future and everything we say and do reeks of money, success, and competence. That's our message.
Their message is that humanity is just a bunch of humans sitting around a thatched hut burning a cow pattie pulling fleas off of each other eating their sustainable algae cakes while they have an organic bake sale to raise money for the Guatemalan Water Snake.
If you're actually telling me that they're equally easy to sell, you're out of your mind."

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