Monday, November 19, 2012

States Rights and the Slavery Stink Bomb

Got a bit of a head of steam up a bit ago when I ran across yet another "States Rights = Racism" ... um, "argument".

It's pretty tiresome getting compared (and not so subtly equated to) 19th Century Democrats and their attempted uses of that argument to argue unequal protection under the law based on race.

States Rights is not an invalid issue (what do you think the 10th Amendment means, anyway?) -- what they were arguing should fall under the purview of States Rights was wrong. States don't have the right to deprive you of your life, liberty, or property no matter what your race, gender, or creed may be. The Democrats were wrong about its application in this case, but not about the concept itself.

The Republicans have been pretty consistent on the Equal Protection issue. Only these days the tend to push back when people are pushing the other way making certain demographic groups into protected groups and given special treatment. It turns out that not only is it wrong, it hurts the protected groups in the long run.

The bigotry of low expectations is the sin of Democrats today. They think you can't get by without their help if you're in one of those protected groups, and they want you to think that, too. They get your vote, and give you just enough to get by but not enough to overcome the class envy on which they prey. They give you a sense of entitlement, and not much else.

Many are waking up to this. It's not enough yet, but it's a start.  (<=== yeah, I own a copy)

I love these little "nuggets" of hystorical "wisdom" ... designed not to add to a discussion, but to short circuit any rational discussion on certain topics. "States Rights was used to justify slavery and racism, so any discussion of States Rights is automatically racist and shows how much you hate black people! End of discussion!!one!! And stuff!!!11!eleventy!"

It's the intellectual equivalent of throwing a stink bomb on the conference round table, and I, for one, have had my fill of it.

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