Sunday, November 25, 2012

Back to Walmart

Heading out to Mom & Dad's friday,  I saw a group of Walmart protesters on the corner near the store, in a biting, cold wind, the day after Thanksgiving, carrying signs, and notably, as our progressive friends would put it, "wrapping themselves in the flag" as one man carried a flag in the stiff wind, crossing the 4-way intersection one way each time the light turned.  At first glance it would appear this was to be more dynamic and visible (there were maybe 6 people there) ... another explanation might be he had to do it to keep warm.

These were likely union members, as groups like the AFL-CIO lead the charge against WalMart.   The dirty little secret is that Union Members are basically paid to be politically active.  They're a huge part of the Democratic Vote Turnout Machine.   Maybe there's not enough work for you this week, and the Union helps you through that, but... you need to be on the corner of Walnut and Horner on Thursday.  Here's what you should say on the signs you carry.   You need to be there from 10-4.

In other words, probably usually involuntarily in that cold wind the day after Thanksgiving.

Carrying signs about how unfair Walmart is to its employees, all working in the store today, voluntarily... for money.

A couple of good articles here today on the flip side of the Anti-Walmart talking points.   One of them points out the average Walmart Shopper makes about $35K, while the average Costco shopper is in the $75K range.   In other words, the poor shop at Walmart while the more well-to-do look down their noses at "People of Walmart" trying to get you not to shop there so that they can put Walmart out of business or force them to change their business model so that they will have to charge higher prices ... which will hurt whom?

Yeah, the poor people shopping there.   Then they can all feel smug about how they forced Walmart's hand to make them more "fair" to their employees, all of whom work there of their own volition in the first place.

It this way progressive busybodies insert themselves into places they were not asked to make life "better" for third parties, and precipitate massive fail after massive fail.

One article covers a series of tweets from a Reason Magazine Senior Editor, and the other was a 7 year old Washington Post column by Sebastian Mallaby linked in that series of tweets.

Stick those in your echo-stopping quiver.

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