Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Regurgitating the Apple

An odd title for this piece, but one well worth your while. And it's about a 45 minute while, so I'd recommend putting it on an MP3 player or burning it to CD to listern to -- say on your commute.

There's also streaming video if you have more time.

At any rate, it's comedian Evan Sayet -- another former Liberal who has woken up to where Progressive™ thought has gotten us as a culture. His talk is more about culture than politics, but it does cross the line into politics when he talks about how that culture affects our politics.

Now you may not agree with every little thing the man says here, and he's got a few trivial facts wrong (I don't think civilization's been around for 50,000 years -- I think it's more like maybe 6,000 -- it doesn't affect the argument), and I know all conservatives don't agree on every issue, but if you listen to what he's saying and where he's gone with it, I think you'll recognize that he's on to something.

Evan started as a standup comic, wrote for Arsenio Hall, went to Politically Incorrect, wrote and produced TDC/Learning Channel's documentary "The 1970's - From Bell Bottoms to Boogie Shoes". Wrote a musical comedy, and was the original writer of the game show "Win Ben Stein's Money".

Go. Listen.

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