Monday, March 12, 2007

Feelings, woah-woah-woah

I watched the video I linked to in my previous post, then I went out to UK Channel 4's forums where there was some discussion. I ran across a comment by someone calling him/herself "boosh bitch". It was a total Leftist screed on a documentary this person hadn't even watched yet. I couldn't help myself:
I am looking forward to this 'documentry' tonight. - anyone who cant watch it, im sure you tube will have it soon enough.

Glad to see you went in to it with an open mind.

I do, however, feel that the producers of this show are either winding everyone up or just doing it for the money. Ive just watched an interview by two of the people talking tonight.
You "feel", et? Let's all start basing public policy on what we "feel". Wait... I guess to a large extent we're already doing that.

Their argument is greatly flawed. they basically are saying that volcanoes, the ocean, the sun, animals and rotting leaves give off more co2 than humans and the masses of emmisions they give off and that we have nothing to worry about because its not our fault.
Wait, I thought you hadn't watched it yet. Anyway, tell me how their arguments are flawed? Got numbers?

Also, they are not saying "we have nothing to worry about because it's not our fault". They are saying "it's not our fault" plus "we have nothing to worry about". One argument has nothing to do with the other. The earth is warming. Why? Is it people? They say, and present a very compelling argument, "no". But it doesn't change the fact that the earth is warming. Do we have anything to worry about? They say, and present another, separate, and very compelling argument, "no". And since the answer to the first question seems to be "no", then there's nothing we can do about it anyway.

back when the world was new and even in thousands of years after that, before oil rigs, the industrial revolution, cars and macdonalds etc. The world was in a state of equal balance, a volcanoe would erupt, leaves would fall off the trees, but there was enough trees in the world to absorb the impact of the natural co2 emmsions.
Really? (I can almost hear the flute music and chirping birds, and see the soft focus on a flower-dotted green field punctuated with bright butterflies). That's news to most scientists. Most think that back when the world was new it was a blob of molten rock with no life on it whatsoever. The world's "balance" is now and always has been in a constant state of flux. This belief that humans are not a part of that shifting balance, are not a part of the earth, is a religious belief of the Eco-ists with no basis in reality.

Now, with the rainforest and amazon being cut down, nuclear power stations everywhere, families have 2+ cars each, there arnt enough trees in the world to absorb the man made emisions. This is why we are trying to deal with the impact of global warming.Im not denying that there are other facts in co2 emisions, but humans are the only ones now who can do something about it.

Careful, your agenda is showing. What do nuclear power "stations" have to do with the carbon cycle? Um... nothing. In fact, if we went to all nuclear power instead of coal/gas... there would be zero carbon emissions coming from humans except from their breath and other bodily functions. Congratulations on being able to repeat what the Eco-Clergy has instructed you to believe. If humans cut their non-biological carbon emissions to zero, CO2 in the atmosphere would continue to fluctuate in an patern essentially undiscernible pattern from one where we continued to produce them.

It is not all about fossil fuels and trees. The ocean is huge and is a gigantic carbon sink which releases CO2 into the atmosphere as the earth warms and absorbs it as the earth cools.

If everyone went vegetarian, that would greatly reduce carbon emisions, as animals are then not bred and kept in the hellish nightmare humans subject them to.
Way to repeat the PETA propaganda. You've got it down. See, Oil & Coal business aren't the only folks with a stake in this issue. Just so happens their stake is on the other side.

It was once said that you could climb through the trees from john o'groats to lands end without your feet ever touching the ground, deforestation isnt just a factor in south american countries, its a factor everywhere.
A factor in what? The carbon cycle which you obviously understand so well? (I can hear that flute music starting up again). Or perhaps it's the one you feel you understand so well.

Im positive that if all the trees where put back (it would take a hell of a long time i no), all over the world, places like africa wouldnt have the problems they have now (in terms of drought and starvation not aids thats down to the catholic church).
You're positive? And your expert creditials are???? Or you're citing what studies???? Ah, yes, drought in Africa is caused by deforestation in the rest of the world. How?

AIDS is caused by the HIV virus and is spread mainly through people who have unprotected sex with multiple partners, not by the Catholic Church. What percentage of Africa is Catholic? In which of those populations is (Catholic, or non-Catholic) is the spread of AIDS more prevalent? It seems your views are dictated by emotions, not fact and logic. Go get a book on critical thinking, mmmkay?

Feelings.... nothing more than... feelings....

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