Thursday, March 01, 2007

Well said....

An excellent post from his Imperial Irreverentness, that Conservative Canine Commentator, His Rottiness, aka Misha I.

Often I'll read his blog just to see what's up in the world today, because he's usually on top of things and expresses what he thinks about it with his trademark hyperbolically humorous way. You could find worse places for jumping off points on the web -- links or tip-offs to other articles elsewhere on the web. While I'd never say I always agree with him on every issue, I have a feeling we would get along just fine if we should ever find ourselves in the same room or firing range.

Every now and then, though, he comes up with an exceptionally well-put piece that is beyond mere informative entertainment, but rather a well-put summary of an issue. Naturally still injected with up to a 15% solution of searlingly sarcastic seasoning, with a healthy dose of ascerbic aspersions where appropriate.

And he's done it here: Moral Relativism at its Best

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