Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Surge: Democrats' worst nightmare?

I see real hope from Omar & Mohammed over at Iraq the Model. I remember they started out hopeful, and went through a really depressed period. Then the posts came few and far between. Suddenly it's back, and cautiously upbeat.

Apparently a couple of liquor stores have even opened. Al Queda and Al Sadr would never tolerate that.

And this morning an Iraqi employee of NPR was interviewed on Morning Edition -- and the end of the interview certainly did not sound like the "gloom and doom" lost cause stuff we've been hearing.

When NPR airs something like this, I really take notice.

It sounds like the surge, so far, is working.

So with news like this coming out, one has to ask.... might the Democrats' strategy backfire? What happens if there's finally some serious success and Iraqi's get a foothold. I thought at first that the Dems would just take credit for "shaking up" Bush's strategy by winning a majority in both houses. But with the recent "rush to pull the plug" and condemnation of the surge -- they won't be able to say they did it. It will be easy to show that it was done in spite of their efforts to derail it.

And I don't think Americans will like it.

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