Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jack Booted Thugs

I saw a comment on facebook... where I try not to get political (my use for it is solely to keep in touch with family and friends). But sometimes I have to say something. I'm tired of just shutting up when I hear see people saying stupid things.

Like a buddy of mine took some facebook quiz to tell him where he was on the political scale, and his came up "very conservative" ... no surprise there.

To which one of his friends responded with something about getting ready for the "Jack Booted Thugs".

I had to comment. I have vowed to politely correct people when they make stupid "everybody knows" comments like this from now on.

Not rudely.

But my comment was to the effect that all of the Jack Booted Thugs I know of are from the enforcers of Socialism. Not small government conservatism. Big government-is-all Socialism. Nazis. Fascists. Communists. That's where you find Jack Booted Thugs. And pretty much nowhere else.

Socialist revolutions are generally populist revolutions happily enforced by Jack Booted Thugs.

They're government jobs, after all.

And hey, Hitler was elected democratically. Then there's Mussolini and the Fascists and the Black Shirts of the "Third Way".

Sound anything like "false choices" and "Civilian National Security Corps"?

Yeah. Nazis (really a shortening of "National Socialist" in German) and Fascists (Italian National Socialists) .... were ... SOCIALISTS.

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