Sunday, April 12, 2009

Other People Not Shutting Up

Today I read
"I would think the American people are tired of Karl Rove, and as we saw last fall, they overwhelmingly rejected his divisive brand of politics," Democratic National Committee Chairman Timothy M. Kaine said through a spokesman. "That's why it's so surprising that the Republican Party continues to allow him to be their top spokesman. It's too bad the GOP is looking backward for leadership rather than forward."
Well this American People isn't tired of Karl Rove. This American People has a new appreciation for Karl Rove.

The whole theory of Progressivism rests on the idea that the new guy has better ideas because he's new. New = Better. (even if the new guy is recycling ideas from the 1930's. Shut Up!)

Me? Leadership is leadership. The guy who can say "let's go this way" and articulate why he thinks we should -- present an actual persuasive argument that rises above "because that other guy didn't" ... that's leadership. And Karl Rove is a leader in that sense. He tells you why he thinks he's right and why he thinks the other guy is wrong.

It's not nebulous "Hope" and "Change".

I like Rove. I like Cheney. I like them more than I liked Bush. G.W. Bush is a fundamentally decent man, don't get me wrong. But he's only half a conservative. Still, that's better than a full-blown socialist defeatist apologist.

Yeah, I know, he got the three Somali pirate dudes shot in a quiet, dignified show of masterful intellectual gamesmanship heretofore unseen by mankind.

Really. What do Rove and Cheney have to gain by saying publicly why they think Obama and Biden are idiots? Neither are running for office, or likely ever will.

Oh, I get it. The problem is ... they're not shutting up.

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