Thursday, April 16, 2009

Keith Olberman is Disgusting

I just watched the MSNBC video of Keith Olberman "coverage" of the nationwide Tea Party Protests. Incidentally, "several times" doesn't even begin to cover what this smug a**hole did.

Apparently there's some male homosexual act called "Tea Bagging" (and apparently Mr. Olberman is quite familiar with it) as he made the entire piece one of ridicule and homosexual innuendo.

Little thought experiment. Imagine if, say, Bill O'Rielly had done a report like this on some coincidentally named Liberal cause (and this wasn't called a "tea bagger" party, and nobody there referred to themselves as "tea baggers" ... a reporter did, and Keith Olberman obviously did.)

Do you think for a moment there wouldn't be screeching calls from the Left for him to be fired as a homophobe gay hater?

Can anybody take MSNBC seriously anymore (if they ever did)?

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