Sunday, April 12, 2009

Nope, no bias here

Just read the AP's gushing over Obama's "handling" of a piracy incident.
"Barack coldly stared down a group of third-world pirates, coat-tails billowing in the wind behind him as his chin jutted to meet the salty breeze. Strong as his predecessor, only better, his sheer will wore the foreign navy's will to mere tattered threads, and then boldly gave the order to 'take decisive action' against an entire division of Somalia's top crack pirates."
Well it's almost that bad. And hey, just in case it turned out badly, he could say "I didn't say 'shoot them in the head', I said 'take decisive action'... you know, like ... offer them a latte or something."

Well, kudos to the guy for not being too squeamish to turn a few bad guys' heads into hamburger this time.

Too bad he has an entirely different opinion about pouring water over a cloth over their faces to find out when, where, and how they and their buddies are planning to kill the next few thousand innocent civilians.

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