Monday, October 03, 2011

"American Fall" ... er .. Autumn

Went out to a kind of "Bachelor Party" for my older son Friday evening.  There were 7 of us, and it mostly consisted of walking to a few bars downtown where I managed 5 beers in 6 hours.  Real rowdy.

As we were walking downtown, I noticed a small group of people in front of the new city building, holding up signs.  Mostly about hugs and kittens.   At first I thought maybe it was some church group trying to win over us hard-core alcoholics or something.

But I got to thinking about Van Jones' tailcoating of the "Arab Spring" with the "American Fall" (yeah, no Freudian slip there, eh?  Don't believe me, look at my last post.)

I commented to one of the guys that maybe this was part of that manufactured "movement".  I said if it was, I didn't think the Tea Party had a lot to worry about.  Snagged the above photo off their facebook page, but I could easily have taken it myself, because these are the signs I saw.  One commenter on their facebook page even noted, "nothing says "take us seriously" than holding up signs that have absolutely nothing to do with #occupycomo!" .

On our way home we walked through them.  I noticed a  Guy Fawkes sign and a few others on the ground.   I hadn't seen them hold it up.  Maybe someone said "Don't Say It, Bro!"  More likely, the silly signs were meant to draw you in and then you'd come see their other signs while you were talking to them.

Oh, here.  How convenient.  One of them posted a picture of those signs as well.

I also noted they were complaining that there were only 12-15 people there and they expected hundreds to show up and help protest.   Well... that's a good sign as well.  Heh.  He said "sign". 

There is nothing wrong with you.  Yeah.  We know.  But y'all might want to check yourselves.


Anonymous said...

This "grassroots" organized "movement" is doing the same in Kansas City. Because you know, nothing says the "middle class" like workers who refuse to work and instead "organize", and old hippies who miss the days when they were relevant (as in, when they were young and stupid).

Sigh. Everything old is new again when history is ignored.

mark the wonder geek

nightfly said...

This looks like a faux-test. If I hadn't seen the "where is my 700 billion" sign in the second photo, I would have assumed that they were MOCKING the 'uprising' not participating in it.