Friday, October 14, 2011

What I like about Herman Cain

Worldview and Principles

I've been slow to get on the Cain bandwagon, though I've never DISliked him. What I like about him is what I liked about Sarah Palin, really (tough, Palin Haters, I like the woman). A combination of worldview, principles, and the fact that they're not Politicians first (yet).

Little turns me off faster than "yeah, well he knows how to play the game". This is what people like Romney & Perry have going for them. "Experience". Experience at what, exactly? What they mean is experience playing the machine.

But I don't want someone to play the machine.

I want someone who's basic philosophy is to simplify the machine within the confines of the blueprint. Which will, over time, necessarily move us closer to that blueprint.   We need a little Jesus goes ballistic in the Temple in Washington.  "What are you doing to my house????"


It's really got nothing to do specifically with 9-9-9. 9-9-9 probably wouldn't pass as is. But it's that kind of thinking that I want. A president can't make laws, anyway. They can propose them. But it's up to Congress to make them law or not.

9-9-9 is on the right track. Broaden the tax base, lower corporate taxes, and provide a formula for adjusting an eventual flat/fair tax.

Does it have flaws?

Of course it does. Everything has flaws. There are no solutions. Only tradeoffs. 9-9-9 is a fine starting point for discussion in the right direction.

He's Black

There, I said it. Ok, this isn't so much about what "he" IS -- he is a man and an American first and foremost -- but this attribute, and his popularity among especially Tea Party conservatives, really finally blows the whole "conservatives are bigots" argument. True, anyone paying attention should be aware by now that today's "conservative" movement is really more about our founding principles than anything else, and our founding principles clearly state that all men are created equal. It does not say that everything in their houses should be made equal. But they are created equal. Which is why republicans (people who see our nation as a Constitutional Republic) and the party they started (capital "R") have always fought for this view to become manifest in society and government. Refusal to treat people unequally does not mean you have it in for the people the other side wants to give privilidges to.

So while his race wouldn't actually be a deciding factor in my support, this post is entitled, "What I Like About Herman Cain" ... and as a presidential candidate, I do like this about him at this moment in our history. It takes the Democrats' favorite bogus argument off the table. Not that they won't still try it, but it'll fall flat on the American Peoples' ears. We're not stupid.

It looks like this is the field we're getting. Like Fred Thompson last time around, this guy's my guy. We'll see what happens in the primaries.


tim said...

“We'll see what happens in the primaries.”

And that’s it, right there, in a nut shell. I love when folks blather on about how the RNC “gave us McCain”. Really, I seem to recall republican primary voters (her in NY you have to be registered as one to primary vote) “gave us McCain”.

I’m a little ashamed to say though I stay highly in tune with national and international news I haven’t watched one minute of even one debate. I try to justify my apathy with the fact the my state’s primary is so late the nominee is for all intent and purpose chosen already. But really I should know more about the contenders.

Cain is very interesting and I loathe the whole “yea but he’s not a politician” meme I just heard from a caller on Rush yesterday. I just would like to say to those folks - well how’s that been working out for us lately? It’s not rocket science, I think an intelligent, successful businessman at the highest level can figure it out and/or surround himself with people who can.

Also, yeah, I’m with ya’ on the whole in your face Dem’s our man is black so shut it already with the racist crap. (If pushed I’d go further and say he’s mother was black, just to throw the trump card for effect.)

philmon said...

(If pushed I’d go further and say he’s mother was black, just to throw the trump card for effect.)

Thought about it. ;-)

I must admit I haven't been watching the debates, either. "Teh Debates" are soundbite flypaper. That's it. They aren't debates, really, in the end.

Hey. I think I'll coin that. I like it.

"Soundbite Flypaper".

Severian said...

What do I like about Herman Cain? He's not Mitt Romney.

And really, that's about it. Oh, I'm sure he's a fine upstanding guy and everything you say is true, but he's "the pizza guy."

For the great undecided middle, the thought of having to say "I voted for Herman Cain" at a party and hearing his oh-so-intelligent friends come back with "the pizza guy? Hahahahaha!!" is enough to sink him in the general.

(Yes, I believe American voters are just that superficial and stupid. After all, they gave us Dear Leader).

But still: he's not Mitt Romney, which means that if he gets any traction at all, Mittens will have to at least mouth a few conservative-ish positions as he cruises to the me-too nomination.

Which is not to say that Mittens will govern as a conservative, but at least he'll throw us a few bones. Which Obama, being Obama, will then use to try to scare the middle with how "extreme" Romney is. Which is really the only hope we have of winning this thing.

See, this is why I sometimes think I should be a Democrat. At least those guys play the game to win. The Republicans are the Pittsburgh Pirates of politics -- not only are they not trying to win, they seem to be actively trying to lose. The people are sick to death of liberalism, and so the GOP establishment gives them.... not just a liberal, but a creepy, robotic, ineffective liberal.

And it's either him or the pizza guy. Jesus wept.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go look into razor blades and aspirin.

philmon said...

"He's Not Mitt Romney"

Well, that's kinda what I was talking about about not being a politician. That's Romney's main problem. Being a politician makes you more "progressive" off the bat ... because you get it in your head your job is to give people stuff and to get re-elected.

I'll take "Pizza Guy". Remember Reagan? "What, are you serious? He's an actor!!!!"

I don't care if he's a janitor, frankly. This dude knows what a balance sheet is, and he's shown that he pays attention to what's on it, and works to make it come out in the black.

What you say about your friends at a party is, sadly, true. But that's our job down here. At this level. Focus on the issues, and by "the issues" I mean the principles and how they apply to today's problems.

The principles are always the issues. But the principles seldom get discussed in any depth because we're constantly talking about "taking 'x' away" from someone, or "you want 'y' to die".

The other thing you gotta remember (and try to remember my Reagan comparison ... "he's a [snicker] actor").... Obama is Carter (please, don't pull my theme song from Monday Night Football).

It ain't that bad.

It's gonna be Obama against "not Obama", in the end.

And frankly, you're probably right. It'll probably be Romney, because Democrat votes are being fished for, and Romney's no conservative.

But we do have something going for us we didn't have before and it shouldn't be overlooked.

And that is ... The Tea Party. It's pretty big, and it's had an impact on how people look at the issues. Not all of them. But way more than before.

All is not lost. Put away the aspirin and razor blades for now.

But remember where you put them.

Whitehawk said...

"I don't care if he's a janitor, frankly. This dude knows what a balance sheet is, and he's shown that he pays attention to what's on it, and works to make it come out in the black."

I have had the same "coming around" as you.

I am beginning to tingle all over at the thought of a Commander in Chief who has actually run a SUCCESSFUL business.

This kind of a presidency could absolutely change the game. If our budget problems are addressed and dealt with like a business, there may be reason to celebrate.

Whitehawk said...

' I'll take "Pizza Guy". Remember Reagan? "What, are you serious? He's an actor!!!!" '

Not just an actor, they went to the series of movies he did with the monkey. What was it called? Bonzo or something like that. Googled it. Bedtime for Bonzo... only Reagan was Bonzo to them.