Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I'm sure this makes me a horrible person or something, but does anyone know if there's any day of the year that doesn't fall under "Breast Cancer Awareness" Something (day, week, month, hour...)?

Is there anyone who isn't aware of Breast Cancer?

Isn't there a fear that it'll get to the point where people will be desensitized to it and just react "yeah, yeah, Breast Cancer.  Mmm-hmmm.... pass the Cheezits" ?

I mean, I'm all for saving the boobies, and even more for the saving of the people to whom they are attached. But really.  Are we this addicted to wearing causes on our sleeves every day of the year?


Severian said...

Ooooohhhh, you're going to hell for this, Phil!!! :)

In all seriousness, though: once -- just once -- I would like to have someone of the leftacular persuasion explain to me the correlation between "raising awareness" and, you know, actually solving a problem.

Like you, I'm about as "aware" of the entire leftist Panoply 'o' Grievance as one can conceivably get. Breast cancer, AIDS, racism, homophobia, you name it -- I'm aware as all get out of all of 'em. So far, I have not seen any marked decrease in the prevalence of any.

I submit that this is what happens when you base your entire politics and worldview around feel-good gestures and sanctimonious rhetoric.

Can we have a Week where we raise awareness of that? :)

tim said...

"Isn't there a fear that it'll get to the point..."

We're already there. Just STOP with ALL the freakin' pink already EVERYWHERE. We get it, cancer bad.

I support healthy breasts and very aware of cancer in such, like many people I actually know women who’ve had it, just knock it off with the ridiculously over exposed campaign.

philmon said...

It's National FGGSR week!!!!

Now, what color ribbon do we use? ;-)

philmon said...

You know, Tim, I saw a girl I think on the news or on a commercial playing softball. Pink shoes. Pink ball. Pink somethin' else I can't remember ... and I assumed it was another Breast Cancer Awareness thing.

It wasn't.

You're right. We've reached that point.

They may say, "hey, it made you think of it, so it works!"

But I was already more than aware, and as you can see it's starting to stir cynicism in me.

jeffmon said...

The whole ribbon thing (especially car magnets) disgusts me. They are simply badges to show that you're in with the fashionable causes.

Don't get me wrong, Isle of Brest.

tim said...

I’ll assume you’re not talking about my USMC car magnet ribbon…Semper Fi and all that…

philmon said...

Well, I do have the I Support Our Troops magnet. It's been there since Brian went to Iraq in 2005. I leave it there today mostly as a counterbalance to all the "War is Not the Answer" and "If The Army Had to Have a Bake Sale..." crap around me. :-)

I've often thought of having a bumpersticker that says, "Unfortunately, Sometimes War IS the Answer"


I personally certainly don't mind that kind of thing -- to show your pride and support for someone who is out there doing something.

The ribbon du jour does bug me, though -- a lot of it because of their ubiquity.

I mean, there ARE lots of people who don't support our troops.

But most people really aren't against finding a cure for Breast Cancer.

jeffmon said...

I’ll assume you’re not talking about my USMC car magnet ribbon…Semper Fi and all that…

Actions speak louder than car magnet ribbons.

And I wouldn't consider infringing on anyone's right to proudly display a "Save a Gay Whale for Allah" ribbon, either. In my estimation, it's not comparable to USMC, but it's not my call, either.

tim said...

"Actions speak louder than car magnet ribbons."

Liiiiiikkeee….??? Sending care packages/clothing/cards/letters to marines in war zones and VA hospitals, continuously donating to The Semper Fi Injured Marine Fund…

Oh, did I mention I wore the Eagle, Globe & Anchor…???

Action like that?

Yeah, I think I qualify, but maybe it’s not my call.

philmon said...

Hey, tim ... I don't think jeffmon's questioning your creds. I know him pretty well. We go as far back as ... well, as far as he does :-)

I kinda figured, by the way you first mentioned your Marine magnet, that you are at least a retired Marine (you know, there are no ex-Marines. I do. My younger boy is one).

After all, jeffmon himself said that cause-du-jour really doesn't compare with the USMC.

Don't get your dander up. I seriously doubt his intent was to dis.

Cylar said...

When is Testicular And Prostate Cancer Awareness month?

Men die from cancer, too. (Some even from breast cancer!) Does no one care about us?

In fact, I've heard that breast cancer is not even the #1 killer of women - it's heart disease, just like with men. (Your odds of dying from cancer are about 1 in 3; for heart disease it's closer to 1 in 2.)

jeffmon said...


What Phil said. Sorry. It's my problem, not yours.


The hell of it is, there ARE ribbons for prostate cancer "awareness"! I think they're light blue. And September is the month! In fact, just regular blue ribbons are to raise awareness for Restless Leg Syndrome! Among other causes.

tim said...

We're cool, no dander.

philmon said...

"Hey, why'd you just kick me in the ass?"

"I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself. Not all of us can control what we do with our legs you know. I have restless leg syndrome."

"Really? Well could you give people a little wider berth?"

"Didn't you see my blue ribbon? Hater!"

Anonymous said...

I think the "prostate cancer ribbon" should be light brown. And kind of...well...puckered in the middle. That would get the message across, yes?

Glad I could elevate the conversation.

--Mark, the wonder geek