Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What's Behind OWS

Beck put together a good show on it the other night. I recommend you set some time aside and watch it if you haven't.

It'll take some patience, if you haven't been up on who's who in leftist revolutionary circles -- if you haven't read Alinsky or Cloward and Piven, or if you're not familiar with Soros's "Open Society" and the fluid, multi-headed hydra of SEIU, ACORN, AFL-CIO, SDS, APOLLO, TIDES, etc.

If you have then this will come into focus much more quickly.


Severian said...

They refuse to be "tools of Wall Street," but they're more than happy to be tools of the unions.

'Cuz they're more "authentic," I guess.

Had they ever studied any actual history at their so-called "colleges," they'd know that they are the first ones shot when the Revolution actually takes power. "Useful idiots" doesn't even begin to describe it. (And how many of them know that that phrase was coined by Lenin?)

Anonymous said...

As a 66 year old elder feminist , I immediately recognized that what is behind the powers that are denying they are powers that be is a heady mixture of grandiosity, Asperger Syndrome and nobel-prize-winning male chauvinist pigdom. They seem more interested in being the new emperors of Open Source, the new Steve-Bill-Mark than in the welfare of the occupiers. The kids are just bodies to be sent out on marches, to be arrested and generate publicity.

Sample conversation. Me: I am very concerned about the mental health of the kids. I see lots of depression, drug history, psychiatric history. He: you are wrong. Given that I was editing world famous psychiatrists when I was 23, I doubt it.

There was instant hostility toward a brilliant, intellectual arrogant, creative manic depressive like me. Imagine a woman they could not shut up! Worse, she started talking faster and using longer words. The library crew tried to go after my social work license and censored all my blog posts.

I am not talking about the occupiers at all, just media, internet,etc.

I have been there for almost two months, commuting as a mommy shrink, solely concerned with the physical and emotional welfare of the occupiers. I am easy to spot; I wear red and have silver hair.

For about five years I have been blogging on a Nonviolent Revolution for a Family Friendly US. Family issues have not been stressed, but then none of these guys are parents. I blog about psychiatric issues as Cassandra Woolf. My name is Mary Joan Koch. It amuses me to identify myself as Hermione Granger on Twitter @OWSLaughingWitch.

I keep trying to educate the OWS Know Nothings. I can't help it. I am a librarian as well as a shrink.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck is still doing the top-40 DJ schtick he did on the radio as a teen years ago, hyperbole and fantasy to drive ratings, until it wears off and then on to the next fake issue. The man is a sociopath, a true demagogue worthy of Goebbels.

philmon said...

And so what if he is still doing top-40 DJ schtick? I see a lot of allegation and name calling (or do you call it "demagoguery"? I mean, you are comparing him to a well known Nazi here) ... but not a whole lot of pointing out anywhere that he's actually ... wrong about something.