Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Audacity of Mope

If they're playing the national anthem, the hand should be up over the heart.

Especially if you expect to be elected president. But remember Obama said wearing the flag pin is a silly display of faux patriotism when he stopped wearing his. Which I and others actually gave him a pass for. The choosing not to wear one part, not the belittling of those who choose to wear one part. This is a further sign that it's not just about making a fashion statement.

Thanks for the tip from Morgan. Here are a couple of supporting links:

The original Time Magazine article

The Newsbusters commentary

Hillary has a lot more experience with these things and wouldn't likely make such a mistake. I actually have no problems believing it's reflexive for her anyway. Barack, not so much.

It will be interesting to see if at least Fox News picks up on this.

Update: Yup, they did. But Colmes showed a freeze frame of Bush allegedly during a national anthem performance where his hand was held a bit low -- over his stomach -- and made an counter-issue of that. Not sure if it was there the whole time, if it was on its way up or down -- but he was clearly standing at attention and with a posture of respect, not slouched with his hands relaxed in front of his crotch.

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