Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Must Read Steyn

This is a warning to American Culture and the multi-culti/nannies lurking within:

No Smoke Without Fire

This is a great illustration of Things I Know #5 --
Multiculturalism = No Culturalism


In Vancouver city council’s action, what was once dimly discerned is made explicit. An Englishman or Irishman has no culture. Indeed, Canada has no culture, save what others bring to it. Which is the logical reductio of multiculturalism: If coming to Canada causes “depression” among “newcomers”, it behooves us to bring Canada into line with “places like they have at home”. Instead of the immigrant assimilating with the host society, the host society assimilates with the immigrant. Which makes sense, given that he seems to value his inheritance more than Canada values its own.
As you start to think about the upcoming elections here in the US, ask yourself which party do people like this gravitate toward, and has been shown to pander to this part of their base?

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