Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Quick comment on the debate

I didn't watch it. But every clip I saw of Hillary... she looked like an Animatronics robot. Eerie.

That being said, I have to say if I had to chose from the "top 3" Dems for president -- which I thankfully don't because the republicans will put up someone better qualified and I'll vote for that person -- I'd [holding nose and closing eyes] have to pick ...

I can't say her name in this context.


Obama isn't an American, I don't care where he was born. And My Little Pony I think is a closet Europhile but I think, at least, he kinda-sorta likes America in a way. Clinton is a socialist (which is the main reason she'll never get my vote), but objectively speaking she'd probably turn up more charred terrorist bodies than the other two. Combined. Dead terrorists is too important to ignore.

I don't care what color your skin is or how bumpy your chest is, I'm voting for the person who walks and talks most like an American.

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