Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Peaceniks only care about Oil

James Lewis on American Thinker notes in "Where Have All the Peaceniks Gone"

As far as I can tell, Burma's fascist massacres of peaceful Buddhist monks has not yet led to a peep from our self-proclaimed peaceniks. Where are they?
Well, as noted again and again by the progressive left, see, when America choses to fight it's all about oil. The logic goes: if there weren't oil there, we wouldn't be fighting, ergo it's all about the oil.

[sarcasm on]
Well... I guess if there's no oil or gas there's no human shields. Peaceniks only care about oil, apparently. ;-)
[sarcasm off]

Now ironically, I read some comment from a lefty in the past week or so that Burma did actually have something to do with oil and that was the only reason Bush expressed concern over the situation there.
This smells like another color coded "democratic" revolution, along the lines of the Ukraine etc. When Bush talks about having concerns about the "humanitarian" situation in Burma, then look for the oil and gas :
Makes you wonder if these people ever had any marbles to lose.

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