Sunday, October 21, 2007

Culture of Clueless Calculation

Tying in to the whole "Rush" thing and the Democrats' shameless behavior, I read this in Captain's Quarters. (Do go read, if you haven't already, Morgan's analysis of the Rush coup and how it fits into a certain pattern of behavior. This all ties in.)

Apparently there was an election in Louisiana yesterday, and conservative candidate (and son of Indian immigrants) Bobby Jindal will be the next governor of Louisiana.

That didn't keep the Democrats from trying some character assassination on their way out. They attempted to twist Jindal's Catholic apologetics as an attack on Protestants by taking sentences out of context, and in at least one instance misattributing a quote from John Calvin to Jindal. The Democratic Party tried raising a million dollars to stoke anti-Catholic bigotry in Louisiana to beat Jindal, but in the end only indicted themselves for desperation and intellectual and moral bankruptcy.
No. Shame. At. All. Especially since they're the ones drumbeating the well -worn narrative that conservatives are bigots.

And don't forget about "Betray Us" and the very suspicious timing of the senate comittee's Turk/Aremenian genocide resolution (which... did you notice how quickly they backed down on that one once word got out what the actual fallout would be?)

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