Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Attack of the Attack Ads

I saw an ad on TV this morning smearing our Republican congressman Blaine Lutkemeyer who was elected only last fall.  I was stunned.  I mean, the guy's not up for re-election for another 3 years.

I had to see who paid for it.  It turned out to be "The League of Conservation Voters".  And they were taking him to task for accepting money from "Special Interests" ... but the clear implication was that he's in the pocket of "big oil" as everywhere he walked he left oil footprints, and oil on everyone's hands he shook, and on crying babies he greeted (hey, should the League of Conservation Voters be called to task for exploiting a baby?  I mean, it's clear the baby was distressed, and they must have intentionally distressed it to get the shot they wanted.  What did they do to distress it?  Can the baby sue?  Just sayin').

And this likely boils down to the fact that he's voted against the "Climate Change" Hysteria bills.

The ad said he has a "stain on his record" (at the beginning of the oil-stain filled ad) They didn't say anything specific other than the fact that he got, *gasp*, a whopping $28K from oil interests for his campaign.   Well big fat hairy deal, frankly.

I guess only interests aligned with progressive causes are allowed to donate money to political campaigns.

And of course, the implication is he's beholden to them for the money, rather than them donating to him because they know what his views already are, which means ... huh, just like he represents me, he represents them.

From their website:

Big Oil has launched a multi-million dollar smear campaign to stop clean energy and climate legislation from passing in the U.S. Senate. We need your help to fight back.
 Of course, when Big Oil tries to defend its side of the story, it's a "smear".   But when a White Knight Environmental™ special interest group does it by shady implication, it's just fine.

I hope people are waking up to this kind of crap.

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