Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Going Rouge

I ordered the book weeks ago.  It shipped Monday.  I watched the Oprah interview (yeah, how often would you catch me watching Oprah?)  I watched the Barbara Walters interview (ditto).  It should be here by the end of the week.

Loved what Mark Steyn had to say about the eleventy jillion fact checkers the Associated Press sicked on it.  He's right.

And so is Rush.
I guess only conservatives need the AP fact-checking treatment.

Apparently an estimated 1500 people showed up 12 hours in advance to wait in cold Michigan weather for Palin's book signing event in Grand Rapids.  This is driving the liberals absolutely mad.

Most of the MSM reports you see on the web, anyway, put the number at "hundreds".  But they put the 9-12 march on the Capitol at "thousands" or "tens of thousands" when it was clearly hundreds of thousands, and the same with Michelle Bachmann's hasty "Kill the Bill" rally a few weeks ago, where numbers in the MSM were minimized.

Incidentally, found a post with some good shots from Kill The Bill.

UPDATE:  Sarah's book arrived in the mail today, but I can't start it until I finish that Progressive bastard's book I'm currently reading.  

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