Monday, November 09, 2009

Kill the Bill Rally

Has anybody seen any coverage on this anywhere by any of the traditional media?

How much coverage do you think there would have been if it were a pro-bill rally?

I have found some stuff on the net about it.   I've read reports from "thousands" to "at least 10,000" in one  report, 20,000 from a Fox News story, and I've seen outlier ones saying from 20,000 to 45,000.

For the record, I was hoping beyond hope for 5,000 on five days notice.  Sounds like my expectation was exceeded and then some.

So here's some of the stuff I've found.

New York Times (Monday, before the rally)

Heritage Foundation
Gateway Pundit
World Net Daily
Associated Press
North Jersey
Big Government (Breitbart -- this one covers the arrests at Pelosi's office)
Fox NEWS (Greta VanSustren's show)
NewsBusters (on the coverage)

CNN (on Saturday's rally, not the big one)

Of particular note is in the New York Times story, Fox News is referred to as "Fox Television", apparently in keeping with the White House's ... discouraging ... others to treat Fox News as a News organization.  Apparently the NYT has signed on with the White House... no surprise there.  The second thing to note is that the story refers to the 9/12 event as being attended by "thousands" -- technically correct, but it is generally agreed upon that it was at least hundreds of thousands.

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