Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Why are we trying Khalid Sheik Mohammad in Civilian Court again?

  • Because it's wrong to try him in a military tribunal as an enemy combatant?
  • So we can show the world our confidence in our fair civilian court system?
  • Because we are holding him to long without a trial?
Well, let's see, Obama stopped the military tribunals to address that first issue, which meant that we were going to hold him still longer without trial in contradicion to the third point.  They got the civilian trial in New York, where Attorney General Holder is saying that he will be convicted, and failure is not an option, plus even if he is acquitted he'll never be set free because we'll then hold him as an enemy combatant, which blows point number two out of the water and puts us right back to point number one (not to mention number three again), meaning Bush was right in the first place.

They can't have that, so it's gotta be something else.  And my guess it will be to put "torture" and Gitmo back out front and center for another round of Bush Administration flogging, because that's what got them elected and they've got nothing else -- and we're going into an election year.

But they've overplayed their hand, and the result of all of this, I think (besides serving up a large recruiting campaign for Islamist Terrorism and some Democratic fund raising) will be that the American people are pretty much going to throw this on the pile of the many reasons they are going to dump the Democrats in droves.

I'm right.  And you know it.

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