Monday, November 02, 2009

NY 23

Well, well!  I was feeling pretty jaded toward the congressional race that everyone is talking about, thinking that the conservative vote would be split and the Democrat would win -- which at least in the short run would be very bad, and the MSM and the Democrats -- or should I say the Democrats through the MSM -- could say "see, the Tea Party Movement" (or "teabaggers" as they disparagingly call us) have no power.

Think about this.  This is New.  Freakin'.  York.   Sure, a relatively conservative district of New York, but then again Hillary Clinton is conservative relative to Barack Obama.

I was talking to my sister in law over the weekend who is going to DC to meet Michelle Bachmann and get a congressional walk-through.... and she told me that Scozafava had dropped out of the race.  I hadn't heard.  But I was then worried that the vote would still be split (people would vote for her anyway) and the Democrat would still win.

And this morning I hear -- Scozafava the "Republican" threw her support behind the Democrat.  And the Conservative Party Candidate Hoffman has a 54%-38% lead in polls this morning. This tells me everything I need to know.

Newt Gingrich, God bless him, was dead wrong.   The party doesn't need to shift left to win, it needs to shift right.  It also says that the Tea Party sentiment is far more broad than even I thought it was.  New York, fer Chrissakes!!!!  Imagine what will happen in 2010 in "flyover" country (we don't call it that here -- it's home, and it's America with a capital "A" and a proud flag we don't burn).  It tells me that people are fed up with the political parties and their persistent expansion of government.  And both parties are running scared.  As they should be.  It is very, very good news indeed.

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