Monday, November 09, 2009

"Historic" does not necessarily mean "Good"

Remember, the Holocaust was "historic" as well.

A proud Pelosi compared the passage of the House Health Care Takeover bill to the passage of Social Security and Medicaid.

Well, yes, in fact, it does compare.  There's two programs that are in debt, bankrupt, even -- meaning we're living off of future generations' money.   Since all of these programs are recurring entitlement funds, they all put a drag on the economy forever.  It's more of the same, and adds to our burden.

And this one has dangerous implications for laws controlling our behavior.  Our liberty.  Our persuit of happiness.

I heard from C & Jeffmon after her trip to DC.  There were a ton of people there.  I saw an AP report that said at least 10,000.  Other reports range from 20,000 to 45,000 ... anything over 5,000 I would consider a success with 5 days notice.  Judging from pictures, I'm inclined to buy the 20,000 figure.  However many, it was a lot of people.

If this passes the Senate ... with THAT be The Day America Died?  Or was it Saturday evening's house vote?  Or will we just go ahead and trace it back to last year's election day?

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