Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Barack's Home Country in Kenya?

Why now?  This video is almost 2 years old, from a speech in front of an LGBT Democratic Delegate luncheon.

Now those who follow my blog know that I have an open mind about this. I know it was the Clinton campaign that first brought this issue up.  I know there is suspicion about it, and I won't say "you're wrong!".  It is possible that we've been duped.  But as for me I buy that he was probably born in Hawaii.  I also think, in the end, that it's irrelevant at this point anyway.  The time to clear that up would've been before the election, and it was cleared up to the satisfaction of the vast majority of Americans.

I also agree with Glenn Beck that, regardless, this is a losing issue.  About 90/10, people buy that Obama's a natural born citizen.  Which is why I have to wonder, along with him, why this tape from a Democratic event filled with avid supporters ... loyal Obama delegates ... was released at all, let alone just now in the midst of a concerted effort on the part of Democrats to paint the Tea Party Movement as Racist, Violent, and Crazy.

After seeing two major (but unsuccessful) attempts at provocation ... the black caucus march and the Nancy Pelosi march -- through the throng of Tea Party Party protestors right before the vote on the health care bill... the continuous needling from Obama and other Democrat leaders and their allies in the press ... it is very easy (especially after reading Alinsky) to imagine that this was a calculated leak to get a reaction of "see, told ya so!!!!" out of the Tea Party to use as a broad brush to paint us as a bunch of nutballers.

They need us to react in a manner that will repulse average Joe America (although ... they probably still don't get that the Tea Party is filled with Average Joe Americas.  But it only takes a few idiots.)

There are other explanations for Michelle's slip, crowd-pandering not being the least.  "Look how worldly my husband is.  He will solve all of your problems."

And it is in that context that I link this video.


tim said...

Yea, I saw this. I just thought that Michelle was referring to Barack’s ancestral home. Not a big deal.

Cylar said...

I've got a co-worker who's all caught-up in this "birther" stuff, and the guy is otherwise pretty smart reliably conservative, and level-headed.

I've tried to tell him that it's a dead issue at this point; that even if the accusations are true about Obama's eligibility, it's not going to change anything. We'd be better off getting rid of him the old fashioned way - at the ballot box. What are you going to do, toss out every law he's signed and fire everyone he appointed? Not gonna happen.

The co-worker is a fellow gun owner and I've tried to interest him in helping me stop the ever-encroaching gun restrictions our state keeps trying to pass. (Other states expand concealed carry, right to carry and get rid of background checks and registries, OURS keeps moving in the opposite direction.)

He's not interested in fighting for gun rights or in doing anything else productive that affects him directly; he'd prefer to natter on about how we're going to get rid of the president through the court system. After he's already been in office a year.