Friday, April 30, 2010

Welcome, Jeffmon

You may have noticed something similar to "posted by philmon" at the end of that last post ... "posted by jeffmon".  Brother Jeffmon (yes, he is actually my brother) is now a contributor to this blog!  Whenever he feels the urge.

And yes, I shamelessly heisted the rastafarian suffix from "jeffmon" when I started this blog back in .... eh?  Aught Three!  (makes me sound real old timey, doesn't it?). 

Check out his post on Term Limits.  He is right.  I have been against term limits on principle myself.  They're tempting, but it ultimately only masks one of the symptoms.  It doesn't address the cause of the disease.   Would I be sad to see them?  No.  But the lack of them isn't what got us where we are today. 

They could certainly help the situation.


Anonymous said...
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Cylar said...

Politicians and diapers should be changed often and for the same reason, Philmon.

A law is needed to get in there and break up these quid-pro-quo's that Congressmen have with lobbyist groups, special interests, and each other.

New ideas are needed to help reform government. Ideas which are formed in the real world and then brought to Washington after their genesis in the private sector. Nothing grows inside that fetid Beltway swamp, and merely listening to constituents is not good enough.

Congress has too many lawyers, and not enough farmers, barbers, plumbers, and doctors. Some of these attorneys need to be turned out and sent home permanently.

Experience, you say? At what - spending our money, regulating the hell out of our lives, scratching each other's backs? No thanks. Anyone who's finished high school should be able to do the job of representing some Congressional district.

It's long past time for all 50 states to pass such laws binding on their House and Senate delegations. Some already have; the rest need to follow suit.