Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Respect Mah Authoratah!

Muslim group "warns" South Park.

Peace Out.  Brother.


Cylar said...

Interesting. The story appeared on PMS-NBC, and so I was not surprised to see that most of the comments are coming from the Left.

Putting my better judgment aside for a moment, I read some of the comments, and aside from the moronic jabs at conservatives or Bush...not to mention the even more moronic lumping-in of Christianity with radical Islam ("organized religion"), it was sort-of refreshing to read how many self-proclaimed liberals are in fact alarmed by this sort of threatening behavior.

Many posts began with, "I'm as far left as you can get, but even I say these people need to be arrested for threats against the South Park creators." Or "This is America. You don't come over here and start demanding that we censor ourselves in order to accomodate your delicate sensibilities."

Wow. Common sense on the Left. Who knew? Now, if only we could get them to knock off all the "Republicans are evil mean-spirited greedy cold-hearted bloodsuckers" garbage.

tim said...

“Islam is a religion of peace, you filthy infidels, and to prove it…we’ll KEEEL you.”