Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Made a New Word

 Ok... a new "term".
intellectual flair   /ˌɪntlˈɛktʃuəl  flɛər/  - the repetition of things that one believes will make one sound reasoned and noble that one has heard but not necessarily thought very deeply about.   Easy to say and sounding good, but devoid of any sort of personally understood reasoning behind those things.

Not unlike buttons on a TGIF waiter are meant to make one appear "fun".


tim said...

That’s it, that’s it!

This post would be perfect if a nicely drawn cartoon was inserted of Pres. Obama as a TGIF waiter with various snarky buttons. Like “You’re a Racist”, crossed out “Tea Party”, “Redistribute the Wealth”, Commies R Cool”, “Healthcare is a Right“, …( I could go all day).

First caption, “Hi, my name is Barry and you’ll be servicing me tonight”.

Next caption, “We’ve already decided what you’ll get before you even came in here. So your no slat added food prepared by an undocumented American and highly taxed soft drinks will be out whenever he gets around to preparing it.”

Caption three, “Those people over there at table three can’t afford to pay for their dinner so you’ll be paying for them also.”

Last caption, “ You look like typical white people who cling to their guns and religion so please don’t visit us again because we don’t want to make too much profit.”

tim said...

"No salt added"...oy, slow down, tim.

Captain Midnight said...

I'll take a shot at naming a few:

- No blood for oil
- Bushitler
- teabaggers

Heck, most bumper stickers qualify.

philmon said...

Hmmmm... for a little time with Photoshop ....