Sunday, April 18, 2010


Went to a local 9-12 Project meeting friday evening.  Good group of people.  A group of about 25 or so adults from I'd say late 20's to 80 years old.   Motivated, well informed, decent people.  My faith has been reinforced.

Sombeody brought up a sign they had seen at one of the Tea Parties.  Went out to to mock it up as  a bumpersticker.  May have to try to have it made.

Turn their gleeful ridicule right back at them. I love it!   She's still here, and probably the biggest thorn in their collective side.  And right now, November is not something they're looking forward to.


tim said...


Cylar said...

What are these comments that are getting removed?

philmon said...

Some Chinese spam comments I've been getting occasionally since I turned off comment approval for posts newer than a week. I never understand any of them, they're either generic or nonsense.

I wish I could make them stop. But I'd like actual normal commenters to have the opportunity to respond to my posts at least for a few days without having to wait for my approval.

Trade offs, as Thomas Sowell would say.

Di Herself said...

You have normal commenters? Ha! J/K.

I'll take one of those bumperstickers. And see you on the 30th. :)

philmon said...

Ha! None of my readers are "normal" ;-)

Cylar said...

I figured some troll had discovered your site and was leaving asinine garbage after your posts. And that you'd decided to do what I would do as a blogger - delete troll comments and ban the posters, instead of just putting up with it and allowing these people to annoy the regulars.

I'm almost disappointed to hear it is just spammers.