Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Best Rock Comes from Nerds

Caught this on Morgan's blog the other day.  I know, it happens a lot.  After I listened a few times, I put it on my MP3 player.

The cool progressive kids who are the new "frat boys" ... they don't like it.  They call us names and try to make fun of us.  But we don't care.  We have jobs.  ;-)

Ok, that was cheap.  It's a little stiff in places (probably too much emphasis on diction for the style).  But it's catchy and it grew on me.  Plus the chick in the gym and the one doing backup vocals ... tres cute.

Anyway.... too much fun not to post.  And there's more after the video.

I saw the arch in the video. Suspected Missouri roots. I was right. And it turns out Ambassador Tom really was a US Ambassador at one point, and was Chief of Staff for a UN Ambassador. Lawyer. Wash-U Professor.  He is Tom Shweich, and he's currently running for Missouri State Auditor.

So I'll get the opportunity to vote for him.  Hey. I'm fer 'im.

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