Monday, May 03, 2010

Blaming the Citizen

Ralph Peters writes on the Arizona illegal immigration law scuffle:

Polls reveal that two-thirds to three-quarters of [Arizona] citizens approve of the new enforce-the-law law. Yet only 58 percent of Arizonans are non-Hispanic whites. Over 30 percent are Hispanic. Another 5 percent are Native Americans, 4 percent black and 2 percent mixed race. According to the left's logic, every non-Hispanic white must be "anti-immigrant." Blacks and Indians must be piling on, too.

Of course, that's nonsense. Left-leaning whites don't support the legislation. Which means some Hispanics must favor it. Many do. Hispanic Americans have the same concerns as all other citizens. They don't unanimously support human trafficking, the narcotics trade and criminal gangs. They want safe neighborhoods, too. Assuming that all citizens who happen to be Hispanic automatically back illegal immigration is just the left's selective racism.
I went to school at a University known for it's Journalism school.  I had a several friends who were there to major in journalism.  And one thing they tended to agree on.... one reason they picked journalism is that it required the least math.


classic_film said...

Another point to be made is that millions of Hispanics either were born in the US or they became citizens legally. While they won't necessarily speak out against the illegal immigrants, many are angry and resentful that they took the time/money to obtain their citizenship properly and legally, and these illegal aliens want to be rewarded for their lazy, illegal behavior. Canadian-born American citizens are also resentful... anyone who has become a citizen legally should be angry.

I have nothing against immigration... but I'm opposed to ILLEGAL immigration.

If these folks are unconvinced, do a bit of research to see how other countries treat their illegal aliens. In most cases, they are imprisoned or killed.

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Cylar said...

In Iran, people who cross the border illegally are arrested on suspicion of being spies.

In Syria, people who cross the border illegally are arrested on suspicion of being spies.

In North Korea, people who cross the border illegally are arrested on suspicion of being spies.

In the United States, people who cross the border illegally are given free education, medical care, social services, government publications in their own languages, and driver licenses. American citizens who complain that that these giveaways are not only inappropriate but fiscally unsustainable, are called "nativists," "fascists," and "racists."