Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Yep, it's prob'ly them dirty "teabaggers"

So after Janet Napolitano went out of her way to not refer to the attempted Times Square bombing as an act of "terrorism" (can't use that word, hmmm-mmm) ... Mayor Bloomberg had no problem suggesting it could've been someone upset with the Health Care bill ... you know, one of those "violent" "teabaggers". The people many on the left have no problem using the word "terrorist" to describe ... with nothing to back it up.

There's a long history of Muslim extremist terrorists bombing public places all over the world.  Nah, there's no ongoing attempt to smear and discredit the Tea Party movement at every turn.  Hmmm-mmm.

But ... not surprisingly Mr. Bloomberg's specultative smear turned out to be wrong.


tim said...

Sometimes I feel like I’m living in bizarre-o world. Where up is down, right is wrong, terrorists are misunderstood victims of poverty and religious bigotry. All the while,peaceful, ordinary citizens preaching the gospel of our constitution, who just want the government to leave them alone are considered a serious threat based on no, nada, none, zilch corroborating evidence.

How did we get here and when‘s the next train out?

ClassicFilm said...

I agree with you, Tim. There are mornings where I honestly DON'T want to read Drudge or the national press, because I'm apprehensive about what new, invasive, insidious, unconstitutional mandate or law or action this power-grabbing regime has taken while I slept. I'm sick of it. It's all in the progressives' agenda, which mutates to socialism and/or fascism - take over communication, banks, and corporations. Destroy free markets and free speech. Sacrifice national security and international relationships to try to placate our enemies, while snubbing our allies. Ignore the individual to create a collective. November is coming, and Team Obama has to ramp up the federal government's infiltration into citizens' lives before this election. All polls show that the Dems will be decimated, a "blood bath" has been predicted. And it's only May.

But those who oppose what's going on cannot be complacent... while we can't fully stop the beast, we can slow it down by contacting Congress, attending tea party protests, talking with our family and friends, and being engaged until the last vote is counted. It ain't over until it's over.

I've always been moderately trustful of our government - moderately with a good dose of skepticism. That has drastically changed. I'm no longer trustful and am reminded daily of the oppressions of other governments. I don't recognize this country anymore.