Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What He Said vs What They Said He Said

So I'm watching the news this morning and I hear about an Arizona law that says that to teach English you have to speak English fluently.

This, of course, brought out the predictable calls of RAAAAAAAAAACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We go out, and looked at this story, for instance, and find that the headline is that teachers with an accent cannot teach English.   Even CNN spun it as a crackdown on "accents".  Only once again, this is not what the man said.  He said that if you mispronounce words to the point that they sound like other words, then you couldn't teach English.  And the law actually doesn't specify English, it says that teachers must be proficient in the language they are teaching.

I mean, imagine you sent your child to a private teacher to learn Spanish.  You're paying your own hard-earned money for it.  And you find out that the teacher you're sending your child to to learn Spanish isn't pronouncing Spanish words correctly.  Would you be upset or concerned at all?

How did we get here, to a point where someone can make an argument that someone who cannot speak English properly must be allowed to teach English or else some sort of dirty racist, even ethnic cleansing (seriously, people???) games are being played -- and expect to be taken seriously?

Jeffmon told me the other day that he believes the leftist side of this culture war is being fought and mostly won by a pretty small minority of Americans.  I believe on this issue, especially, that would have to be correct.  I can't imagine too many Americans would buck this law (which has been on the books since 2001, I believe).

It's all about painting Arizona as racist, shaming them into repealing their law and/or drumming up public support in the rest of the country to have it overturned by the Supreme Court -- so that the Leftists can continue with their culturally divisive, American culturally-eroding, multi-cultural, hyphenated-American agenda aimed at getting multiple sub-groups of Americans to demand that government intervene on their behalf, which the government is more than willing to do.  This is how the Leftists win, and this is how they'll tape together a coalition that will allow the socialist transformation.

Unless We the People drop our hyphenations and band together and say "No you Won't!"

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