Monday, May 24, 2010

What She Said vs What "They" Said She Said

The Media and it's pundits put a lot of words in Sarah Palin's mouth that didn't actually come out of it.   So this morning when I heard that she suggested that the Obama Administration was "in bed" with BP and that's why the response to the oil disaster in the Gulf was so sluggish ... again, I was skeptical -- especially after I heard the blurbs from her interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday.

I was going to post on just that, but I decided that maybe there was more context to support the assertion that she was saying the administration was in bed with BP.

So I went out to Hulu and watched the entire segment from yesterday.

What she did say was why isn't the press asking the question?   She stated that the Obama Campaign got more money from BP than any other candidate (which nobody's disputing), and she followed up by saying that if this had happened under George W. Bush ... especially if he'd gotten any campaign money AT ALL from BP (and probably even if he hadn't) ... you can bet the MSM would have been all over that "connection".

What she was doing, once again, was pointing out the double-standard.  She wasn't accusing the Obama Administration of anything but being let off the hook by the fawning media.

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