Monday, May 24, 2010

That's a lotta nothin'

Heard this morning about the West Point graduation speech Teh One gave over the weekend, and a lot of talk about a line that was removed from the speech:
"that's a lot of cheering".
Seriously, that was on the teleprompter????  He's that programmed???? Even I was skeptical about that.

I'm a source kinda guy especially when I have any skepticism at all, so I traced it back to a Drudge Report story.

Had to search through the archives and found two links to archived Drudge front pages with the headline.

Neither link gets you anywhere.  One leads to a bad link on to a folder or document named "xx" ... so you get an error.  The other leads to a link to a page on with the date and timestamp in the path and filename of the alleged report, but alas, you get a 404 error.

Now, I don't wanna go all Alex Jones here (trust me, I don't), but ... "Coincidence?"

I can think of two possibilities.  Drudge found out the report was wrong and retracted deleted it.  Or he was pressured to retract delete it.

All of the other archive links I tried worked just fine.

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