Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Miller Time

Dennis Miller on the drop in Obama's popularity:
"People used to faint for him, now they're merely nodding off as he speaks for the 'ad infinitumth' time."


tim said...

Miller kills, I just wish I didn’t need a dictionary nearby for translation.

‘Countless’ would'a sufficed.

Cylar said...

I still have some of Miller's old comedy routines in my audio collection, left over from the days when he was a flaming liberal.

My, how he has changed.

philmon said...

He will tell you, and he'll also tell you that Al Franken will back him up on it -- that he's always been pretty conservative. He just enjoyed yanking the chain of whoever was in power at the time.

When it was Reagan and Bush Sr. ... the libs loved it.

I think 9/11 re-focused him, though.