Wednesday, March 09, 2011

He Who Lives By The Loop Hole ...

Dies by the loophole.

So the Dems who camped out out of state to hold the state legislature hostage on voting to restrict Public Union power in Wisconsin were taking advantage of a loophole that said there needed to be a quorum present to vote on any measures that spend money, and the bill restricting Public Union power had spending measures in it.

So the Republicans took them out and passed the remainder of the bill.

"You are cowards!" spectators in the Senate gallery screamed as lawmakers voted.
Oh yeah? What were they cowering from? The rude people screaming at them as they defied their will right in front of them?  The crowds of the "community organized" who chased and harassed Senators around the capitol last week?  The hundreds which swelled into thousands when they found out the vote was going on?  Cowards?

I think I would call them courageous.

The cowards were hiding over the state line avoiding the consequences of last November's election.
"In 30 minutes, 18 state senators undid 50 years of civil rights in Wisconsin."
Really? I guess they're back to separate drinking fountains for blacks now, and all workplace safety rules are out the window. Why I figure employers will just stop paying their employees at all now. And benefits? Pshaw! Fuggeddaboudit.   Hyperbole much?
"Their disrespect for the people of Wisconsin and their rights is an outrage that will never be forgotten"
Um ... what about the people of Wisconsin who elected that same Senate Majority?
"Tonight, 18 Senate Republicans conspired to take government away from the people."
Funny, I see it as a step in giving it back to the people.

Public unions use taxpayer money to help elect the people they will be negotiating their contracts with, and in turn those elected want to stay in office so they keep those same public unions happy.  This cozy relationship keeps the rest of the taxpayers out of the loop as they continue to fleece the state for their own sweet deals.

The Dems are freaking because they see a loss of steady, guaranteed campaign funds.


Joan of Argghh! said...

They keep using that term, "the people," but I don't think it means what they think it means.

When they use it, it pretty much just means, "us, in particular."

philmon said...

Yeah, when they say the people, they mean "we and the people we represent".

They imagine that they represent a whole lot of people they don't. But since, by their logic, those those people would believe what they believe if they were "educated", they get to count them as well. It's all for their own good, of course.

Whitehawk said...

I think they mean "the people" as in "The People's" Republic of China. But that's just me. I could be mistaken.

philmon said...

Zing! Goodn', Whitehawk.

Anonymous said...

It made me laugh (in that "oh gawd, you're kidding, right?) sort of way.


Yelling that at the representatives who didn't run away. Who are making the tough decisions for now- and for the future of the state. Who are willing to face the "persuasion of power" from the screaming, "I'll f*ck you in the *ss, f*ggot!!" union/dem protestors.

"Cowards!" they say.

Uhhhm...Wisconsin Dems/Progs/Union members? Charlie Sheen called. He wants his crazy back.

Mark-o, the wonder geek

philmon said...

Just wanted to bookmark this. From Mike Flynn.

"This is the central problem with public sector unions. They get to use taxpayer money to elect their bosses and they get to use taxpayer money to convince their bosses to give them more taxpayer money.>

Severian said...

Good. This is good. More, please!

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Situations like the one in Wisconsin are worth a thousand pictures.

Um, guys? There's no more money. The balance sheet is red right down the line. No, that's not the "right wing noise machine" talking. It's not "the patriarchy." It's not "hate," and it's not a violation of anyone's "civil rights." You can't hand-wave this one away with bullshit about "discourse" and "frames" and "nuance." It's cold, hard, mathematical reality, and the longer this goes on, the kookier -- and greedier!!! -- the protesters look.

Leftism is based on a fantasy. It's always been a fantasy, and deep down everyone knows it. Eventually you have to pay the piper, and yes, there are some individuals in this world who can't be bargained or reasoned with, and all the sonorous speeches and "community organizing" and "soft power" and "smart diplomacy" in the world ain't gonna fix it.

Time was, we could afford the leftist fantasy. Now we can't. So please, Wisconsin union thugs, keep going! Even the media can't spin for you forever. It's time for a nice stiff shot of reality.

nightflyblog said...

Why is it that, every time someone starts wailing about "the People" or "the Children" or "the (fill in the group)," you can well-nigh guarantee that said someone cares far more about the abstract concept of the group, and doesn't give a rip about any individual member of it?

To protect "The People" the protestors are willing to do violence to many of them.

To protect "The Unions" the protestors want to see a policy that will force thousands of union members to be laid off.

To protect "The Children" the Left wants to do everything that will make them unhappy, mollycoddled, indulgent, and lazy. (That is, when they're not aborted.)

To protect "The Republic" or "Democracy" they will gladly throw out any vote they hate, or refuse to participate if they think they might lose.

To protect "The Economy" and "Jobs" they pursue policies that destroy wealth and jobs.

Maybe I'm not nuanced enough, but where I come from that's called "lying" - but maybe to the Left "The Truth" is just one more class of thing they love, without caring much for the individual examples.

Whitehawk said...

Well put Nightflyblog! I wish I'd said that.